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ADI Announces Alliance with Chinese Contingent

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January 20, 2011

Highly regarded and enthusiastic Chinese business leaders pledge to bring ADI's proven behavioral methodology to Chinese business.

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Atlanta, GA: In November, 2010, Jack Jinjie Jia, Alan Wei, Liau Tiander (Tiander Liau), and Junwu Yan came to Atlanta to become trained and certified in ADI’s technology and to enter into an agreement to represent ADI’s science-based behavioral methodology in China (pictured left to right: Alan Wei, Jack Jinjie Jia, Darnell Lattal, Tiander Liau, Junwu Yan).

Led by Jack Jinjie Jia’s understanding of behavior analysis, which he was introduced to in his previous career as a Partner at Gallup Consulting in China, these business leaders and experts in their various fields knew that applying a behavioral approach in business will yield better performance every time.

As can be the case in American business, many who manage in China tell the workers what to do, and sometimes show them.  However, as in America, Chinese managers rarely deliver the level of reinforcement and in the manner needed, through systems of work and direct coaching, to maximize performance.  Even rarer, as here, managers rarely look first to their own assumptions and skills in the science of human behavior to discover why their employees are not reaching the highest levels of success.

This newly formed company, R+China, is dedicated to bringing this fast-change technology to China to create discretionary effort at all levels of business, capturing more want to performance versus have to performance. They are deliberately choosing to use the symbol R+ (representing positive reinforcement) to brand their company. The concepts of accelerating and shaping behavior towards a specific goal, without threat or fear in the workplace, and reducing error and increasing worker satisfaction, brings a unique set of tools for Chinese business.

Together, ADI and R+China will do much to sustain excellence at work at all levels. The cultures are different, but the laws of behavior are the same. 

“We sought out a world-class company that could help us change the way work is done in China,” according to Jack Jinjie Jia, President of R+China. “Not a lot of formal management development is available in China. It is easier for a manager to threaten or punish his people to get what he is asked to get, however his people will hardly try their utmost to do better. Under such conditions, people will do a little bit better to avoid fear and punishment from the manager, i.e. they “had-to-do” it. But when they “want-to-do” it, they will spend the discretionary effort to reach a much better performance level and their manager and organization benefit from such effort. Very, very few companies are helping people “want-to-do” it and really building a better workplace. We believe an alliance with ADI will give us insight into how to change the way businesses achieve sustained financial and cultural excellence.”

“Working with our colleagues in Shanghai opens a very large door for ADI’s mission-driven business. We have wanted to ‘change the way the world works’ and have had many alliances” states Darnell Lattal, President and CEO of ADI.  “Inside a country of this size, ADI is provided an opportunity to do just that with a large segment of the world. The more people that know about these principles and how to apply them, the better this world will be. We understand that this is a big claim, but we know it to be true. With less threat and less fear, there will be more productivity and more workplaces that are considered ‘great places to work’ by their employees. There will be more workplaces where the leaders understand clearly that they are the center of setting up success for every person through a system of accountability and clarity.”

In just the first few months, R+China have had no trouble finding eager clients in such diverse fields as entertainment, medical facilities, pharmaceuticals and banks. They are continuing to build their brand, hire new people and bring people to Atlanta for certification. ADI is excited by this partnership and looks forward to visiting Shanghai to continue our work together, continuously monitoring and making improvements in side-by-side coaching and as we both better understand how this work will show up in the culture of the unique country of China.

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