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ADI Launches New Website

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March 30, 2010

The address is the same but aubreydaniels.com enhances its value to visitors

ADI launches new website—building a community for new and old visitors to tap into ADI’s rich history of more than 30 years and real client experiences in applying the science of behavior to the workplace.
 With a focus on what business professionals and leaders need most, ADI launches a new website designed to deliver resources and information to accelerate performance. 

The re-designed website offers an easy-to-navigate experience for those looking to improve their business or their personal effectiveness. The site’s case studies, media center, and Insights section offers the lastest articles, case studies, and blog posts on topics that are top of mind and crtitcal for business success.

“We wanted a site with a fresh look but one that was user friendly and provided many ways for visitors to find the information they were looking for,” states Lisa Smith, Art Director. “Our search function is powerful. Visitors can enter their search topic and find resources on that topic that include everything on our site, articles from our Performance Management eZine and current thinking from our blog, all in one easy step. And, of course we hope the graphics add an appealing visual element to their experience.”

With features like our Media Center, visitors can listen to the latest podcasts, watch videos and read up on the lastest articles where ADI experts provide their perspective on today’s business topics. All ADI sites and resources are accessible through the newly designed site, including the ADI Store, PM eZine, and AubreyDanielsBlog.com.

“In our approach to this re-design, we were dedicated to becoming more than a website that described who we are. We wanted a website that allows visitors to explore real issues in the workplace and find something helpful in that search. The content is focused on demonstrating the many ways that clients can partner with us to accelerate the accomplishment of desired cultural and business objectives.” explains Darnell Lattal, President and CEO.

Get connected! Visit AubreyDaniels.com and become a part of our ever growing community.

About ADI

Founded in 1978, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) works with such diverse clients as Aflac, Duke Energy, Lafarge, Malt-O-Meal, M&T Bank, Medco, NASA, Roche Labs, Sears, and Tecnatom to systematically accelerate discretionary effort—where people consistently choose to do more than the minimum required. Whether at an individual, departmental or organizational level, ADI provides the tools and methodologies to help move people towards positive, results-driven accomplishments.

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