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B. F. Skinner from A to Z

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B. F. Skinner from A to Z
W. Joseph Wyatt
Soft Cover
Ever wonder what Skinner said about dozens of things like love, thinking, the Arts, Zen, Smoking, War, Welfare, Heaven and Hell...?It's all here--what B.F. Skinner said about more than a hundred topics. The author presents brief quotations, each selected so as to enable the reader to briefly be touched by some of Skinner's ideas. And following each quotation is an explanatory author comment. B.F. Skinner From a to Z is a resource for students, scholars and others who want to better understand the work and ideas of Skinner, who, according to one survey of historians of psychology, was the most influential contemporary psychologist. Skinner is now the most frequently cited psychologist in history. In 1990 American Psychological Association Director for Science Lewis Lipsitt termed Skinner '...surely the best known psychologist in the United States, possibly the world...' Yet, Skinner is often misunderstood. Find out what he really said about a lot of things!
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