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Oops #1

The 1st Management Practice That Wastes Time & Money: Employee of the Month (and most other forms of recognition and reward).

Posted by Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D.

Aubrey is a thought leader and expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues. For the past 40 years, he has been dedicated to helping people and organizations apply the laws of human behavior to optimize performance.


Thank you for writing this book. We have needed this professional advice on how to properly conduct our business, instead of relying on the old practices of "common sense management" that haven't moved us forward. We are optimistic about "saving time and money" by putting our energies into appropriate reinforcers to get positive results both professionally and personally.

And...after a recent trip to my local, very large supermarket chain, I am reminded of how very necessary the principles in this book are! As I walked in to the store, prominently displayed at the entrance is the ever popular "EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH" poster, praising some employee (just because they had to pick someone, I suppose) ...and I'll tell you, that was the grumpiest bunch of unhelpful workers I've ever seen! I left there so mad, and vowed that I would not shop there again. Seems the same old system simply doesn't work. Looking forward to implementing your behavioral principles to actually get results in our organization. OK. Enough for now...can you tell that I"M EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK?

Managers may have some good intentions in doing this, EOM. You are so good at helping us see what we are doing that just doesn't work in the way we hope but in listening to you, you are not harsh about our mistakes. As a manager, I think about this a lot--what to do to recognize really good work and big recognition seems like one way to get the word out--but the idea of a "positive reinforcement culture" you talk about is what I really want. I look forward to the next chapters in learning how to be better at what I do.

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