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Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D.

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  • Creating an Achievement Culture

    I have often said, “The best job you will ever have is one where you know at the end of every day how well you have done.”  The students at Morningside Academy can wholeheartedly agree that this... Read More
  • Safety Rewards Can Be Dangerous

    I just finished reading an ISHN article on safety incentives and the value of a gift card reward system to promote safety. To say that I didn't like it is an understatement. It reminds me of the many... Read More
  • Measuring Performance: Necessary but Insufficient

    “What gets measured,  gets done.” If this saying is true, then why are so many people overweight? I have been recording my weight daily for over 35 years and as I am writing this, I am 4.5... Read More
  • Wanted: Elf on the Shelf at Work

    Is it possible that the walls really do have eyes? Even Santa understands that rewards should not be given unless they are earned, so he has created the elf on the shelf—a person whose job it is to... Read More
  • The End-of-year Bonus: When will Companies Wise Up!

    According to Fortune, about 75% of employees will be receiving a holiday bonus this year.  Now, this is the point in which I am obliged to say, “Why do companies continue to throw good money... Read More
  • Overcoming A Toxic Boss

    Let me start with the bottom line.  Toxic bosses never bring out the best in people. They are bosses who exhibit the kind of behavior that proves detrimental to an employee personally, to their... Read More
  • Six Ways to Succeed at Budgeting

    We all look forward to paying our taxes, right? It’s always nice to know that our hard-earned dollars are going to be used responsibly. Or are they? A search for ‘government waste’ on Google... Read More
  • Culture, Leadership, and Football

    Recent events on the football field have reminded me of a story told to me by my former business partner,  Fran Tarkenton. Fran, then Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings,  was heading out... Read More
  • Paying criminals not to get caught?

    At the US Open in 1925, golfer Bobby Jones called a penalty on himself, a penalty that no one saw. That one stroke caused him to lose the tournament.  When people began to praise him for his... Read More
  • Leadership Behaviors: An Introduction

    “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, then you are a leader.” —John Quincy Adams It has been almost a decade since Measure of a Leader was published yet today... Read More