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Judy Agnew, Ph.D.

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  • Tesla, Musk, and Safety Leadership

    Elon Musk may not be a safety professional, but he has hit on some critical elements of safety culture and safety leadership that many leaders (and some safety professionals) don’t understand.  ... Read More
  • Taking a Safety Culture Selfie

    My teenage kids are constantly taking selfies. Despite my general distaste for the practice, there are some positive side effects. It occurs to me that my kids have more accurate self-images than I... Read More
  • No matter the industry, in all my years of experience working across organizations, from the hourly workforce to the executive team, I have always found the most difficult job to be frontline... Read More
  • The Key to Making Resolutions Stick Is Strength in Numbers

    Ah, the New Year has arrived—our chance to hit the reset button.  This year is sure to be better…we resolve to get fit, be a better parent, heck, even be a better boss.  For many managers a... Read More
  • Why Positive Management Training Should be Part of your Company Wellness Program

    Most organizations understand the value in promoting employee health and wellness.  Investments are made in wellness centers, gym memberships and weight loss programs.  Turns out there is... Read More
  • Overworked? Could Reducing Workloads be the Key to Improved Results?

    We may be at a tipping point.  It just might be that we have hit the limit on how much we can do on any given day, week or month.  Most of us have more work on our to-do lists than we can... Read More
  • Punishment, Parenting and Safety

     Recently, I came across an article that caught my eye: Parents’ Harsh Words Might Make Teen Behavior Worse.  As the parent of a 13 year-old and someone who has written extensively on the... Read More
  • 7 Keys for Creating a Safety Culture

    In my consulting work and in presenting to large groups, the topic of creating or supporting a safety culture comes up without fail.  What I find most often is a varied understanding of what is... Read More
  • Improving Post-Accident Behavior

    Predictability is one word you could use to describe an organizations reaction after an accident. It is quite common for organizations to jump to some kind of response after an incident or accident... Read More
  • Discipline and Safety: What You Need to Know Before You Act

    While discipline is important under the right conditions, it can also be overused and misused. In this video blog, Dr. Judy Agnew describes the potential problems discipline can cause if not used... Read More