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Can The 3-Minute Meeting Produce Rapid Change?

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March 30, 2012



Rapid ChangeNew York, NY (March 16, 2012) – In a digital age that craves rapid response and in a challenging economy that demands immediate results, a new book reveals how incremental steps grounded in the science of human behavior can help any business quickly and simply achieve change that sticks. 

In Rapid Change: Immediate Action for the Impatient Leader (Publication date: April 15, 2012), author Joe Laipple argues that the key to spurring lasting change in today’s fast-paced business world lies not in the latest management fad or quick fix but in the proven science of human behavior. Based on more than two decades of work implementing rapid change programs at companies like Comcast, Aflac, and NASA, Laipple reveals how to leverage the science of behavioral change so that it can be used quickly, easily, and with impact. 

At the heart of Rapid Changeis Laipple’s 

The 3-Minute Meeting® an unexpected approach to both staff and time management that will be welcome news to anyone whose schedule is crammed with back-to-back meetings that fail to result in decisive action. With the Executive Time Use Project from the Harvard Business School and London School of Economics revealing that executives spend roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings, The 3-Minute Meeting provides a science-based approach that leverages the power of positive reinforcement to put employees and managers on a path to producing results rather than watching the time go by in meetings. 

To achieve rapid change with The 3-Minute Meeting, Laipple recommends starting with five brief, one-on-one, coaching conversations each day with clear, concise questions that allow employees to describe what they did to achieve good results. By helping employees see what is hiding in plain sight – the actions that lead to better results – Laipple says managers will positively reinforce actions that boost performance and achieve meaningful change.  

“Endless group meetings fly in the face of productive behavior as they discourage the type of open and honest discussion that enables managers to identify the right actions that create the right results,” says Laipple. “If you want to bring about rapid change, you have to start with incremental steps. The 3-Minute Meeting is just one example of the types of small, immediate actions that leaders can start taking now to produce big, long-term results.” 

Throughout the book Laipple shows readers why change does not need to be a lengthy and painful process. Using rapid change techniques, he reveals how simple, smart adjustments can help managers translate vision and goals into action and ensure that investments in new technology, training, and work processes pay off in the long-run. 


Rapid Change: Immediate Action for The Impatient Leader
By Joe Laipple, Ph.D.
Performance Management Publications
Publication date: April 15, 2012
ISBN-10: 0-937100-23-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-937100-23-3
Original Trade Paperback
Kindle (May 2012)
To buy the book visit: Rapid Change

About the Author
Joe LaippleJoe Laipple, Ph.D. is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Services with Aubrey Daniels International, a management consulting firm whose clients include Daimler Financial Services, Duke Energy, NASA, Genentech, Comcast, and Malt-O-Meal. He specializes in implementing change and leadership coaching. He is the author of Precision Selling: A Guide for Coaching Sales Professionals and is an experience presenter at national and international conferences including a co-presentation with Dr. Aubrey Daniels at the Center for Management Research in Cambridge as part of their ongoing leadership curriculum.