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Ethical Decision Making—3.5 CEs

Welcome BACB Certificants.
The following course meets the requirements for 3.5 Type 2 BACB® CEs 

Ethical Decision Making: Defining an ethical decision-making process

Ethical behavior is judged to be what individuals say and do in situations where values are at stake. It is less about intentions and more about the longer-term impact of behavior; the effects of such acts and its culmination across a culture. This course, led by ADI experts and based on the business book A Good Day’s Work: Sustaining Ethical Behavior and Business Successhelps participants apply the science of behavior to ethical business practices and takes them through setting up and establishing the rules of conduct, defining ethical decision-making in the workplace, and refining the evaluation of ethical actions from a behavioral perspective.

The first in a four-part ethics series, this course provides a framework for defining ethical decision-making processes and includes the Balance of Values Tool, a tool to use when competing issues of fairness and equality must be considered.   Offered in an easy to follow and entertaining format, along with quizzes and games to enhance the learning experience. 

Topics covered in this course include:

  • An analysis of 'ethical choice'
  • The role of rules in ethics and ethical decision making
  • A closer look at trends in the landscape of business ethics
  • An introduction to ethical decision systems and the Balance of Values Tool

Course Details

  • Number of Credits: 3.5 Type II BACB® CEs
  • Event Duration: 2 hours 56 minutes
  • Target Audience: experienced BCaBAs, BCBAs and BCBA-Ds
  • Event Instructors: Darnell Lattal, Ph.D., Nic Weatherly, Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Cost: $44.95 for one-month access

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