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Standing Up for Ethics at Work

People at work face small and large ethical challenges regularly. Yet, today, when corporate scandals seem to be an ongoing aspect of business, most people, when asked if they or their fellow employees, including leadership, are ethical, answer yes. 

Tangible Ways to Reinforce Ethics in Your Organization 

Talent Management

Picture, if you will, a salesperson who faces the ethical dilemma of either risking losing his commission — by turning down a guaranteed sale because his company lacks the resources to deliver quality products or service on time — or closing the sale by making empty promises to the customer...

Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace
Performance Management Magazine
In general, individuals are faced with nondramatic ethical choices on a daily basis – weighing one outcome against another and behaving in ways that are predictable, based on that individual’s consequence history.  Unethical choices seldom result in public sanction. Nevertheless, the necessity to be alert to the “value” inherent in choice is an exercise that can only add and expand our public and business commitment to ethical behavior in daily life...

NUTS! When Leadership Abandons Ethics in the Name of Profit
PM eZine
To our readers who lead or manage risk and behavior-based safety inside corporate America—from the top to front line employees, you as well as the rest of us...