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Ethics for Owners and Consultants—4.0 CEs

Welcome BACB Certificants.
The following course meets the requirements for 4.0 Type 2 BACB® CEs

Ethics for Owners and Consultants: Unique considerations for behavior analytically trained owners and consultants—our personal code of conduct

Business owners and consultants are in a unique position to make significant and worthy changes to the systems in which they work. Tools built on the science of behavior can help lead effective and efficient change efforts. This course, led by Darnell Lattal, Ph.D., an OBM ethics expert, and based on the business book A Good Day’s Work: Sustaining Ethical Behavior and Business Success, takes participants through a number of tools to help navigate the unique situations that arise in each person’s changing environment. It also includes suggested actions to help maintain an ethical perspective in and out of the workplace. 

The fourth in a four-part ethics series, this course is designed to help participants look closely at their own ethical conduct and create a behavior action plan to increase positive ethical effects. Tools for self-awareness and suggestions for changing behavior are provided. The role of the science of behavior and the standards of society are discussed in terms of the special knowledge behavior analysts have about behavior and how it can help them to better lead and consult with others. Offered in an easy to follow and entertaining format, along with quizzes and games to enhance the learning experience.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Carpe diem: How you show up in words and deeds
  • How to define your job as a behavior analyst:  Bystander apathy or duty to warn?
  • The special responsibilities behavior analysts have in practice
  • How to use the self-assessment tool for personal change and defining a code of conduct
  • Ways to move beyond science towards large societal standards
  • The importance of keeping a journal and designing a behavior action plan to share with others

Course Details

  • Number of Credits: 4.0 Type II BACB® CEs
  • Event Duration: 3 hours 36 minutes
  • Target Audience: experienced BCaBAs, BCBAs, and BCBA-Ds
  • Event Instructors: Darnell Lattal, Nic Weatherly, Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Cost: $54.95 for one-month access

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Price: $54.95
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