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Human Performance Diagnostics eBook

Human Performance Diagnostics
A Multidisciplinary Approach for Analysis & Improvement in Organizations

William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.

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Effectively measure, analyze, and improve the performances that affect organizational success.Organizational issues are not often organized into one problem category, and therefore the solutions to those issues rarely come tied up in one neatly wrapped package. The tools practitioners have in their toolboxes rely heavily on their educational and professional experiences, be it industrial engineering, I/O psychology, or applied behavior analysis. While each discipline has its merits, why should organizations have to rely on the views of just one discipline, and how do they know which one to apply?

Human Performance Diagnostics combines the toolsets of all three disciplines and offers a practical diagnostic procedure for any practitioner to use in determining which technique, within which discipline, is the best for resolving a targeted organizational performance improvement opportunity. By looking across target measures that include Opportunity, Capability, and Context, this multidisciplinary approach will support anyone in analyzing and improving employee performance.

An ideal handbook for any performance improvement practitioner, including those in consulting roles as well as management and supervisory positions, this book is designed to be the single source for measuring, analyzing, and improving employee performance. Author William Abernathy, Ph.D., draws on his extensive experience in working with more than 170 organizations and offers step-by-step procedures using his practical and efficient diagnostic tool. Human Performance Diagnostics also includes a detailed 5-Step Improvement Process that helps practitioners avoid the common mistake of applying technical solutions that inadvertently create problems.Effectively measure, analyze, and improve the performance that affects organizational success.

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