Kennon Lattal & Aubrey Daniels

Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels’ mission has and will always be to help people and organizations apply the scientifically-proven laws of human behavior to optimize performance. In doing so, his life’s work is dedicated to changing the way the world works. 

Throughout his career, Aubrey has created a legacy worth following.  As founder and editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (1980), founder and publisher of Performance Management Magazine (1982-1999) and as the recipient of numerous awards and honors including Fellow, International Association for Behavior Analysis, Aubrey has earned his reputation.  

The Aubrey Daniels Institute is a depository of information, research, examples, and resources gathered together to support the powerful application of applied behavior analysis. It is intended to elevate and share with others what has been taught and can be learned from the science. It is Aubrey’s hope that this Institute will be a place for discussion and discovery, for sharing research, and exploring topics that are critical to his vision of changing the way the world works.

We invite you to explore, discuss, contribute, and share with others.

In promoting and advancing the understanding of the science of behavior analysis, the Aubrey Daniels Institute is guided by the following mission, vision and values:


The primary mission of the Aubrey Daniels Institute is to identify and disseminate the deliberate application of behavior analysis and its potential impact with particular focus on the workplace.

Areas of analysis may include how best to sustain positive change, create engagement, address workplace problems without resorting to threat or fear, and how to create a safety culture, not just at the frontline but also up through the ranks. 

The Institute seeks to provide a relevant and complete understanding of human performance by sharing examples and presenting new findings of the science or in analyzing the impact of a related field. 


Changing the way the world works through sharing examples and applications, and providing evidence-based information and/or data about behavior. 


  • To promote the science of behavior analysis.
  • To inform the larger community about evidence-based findings related to human performance.
  • To find non-coercive strategies for promoting excellence in human performance.
  • To share its findings openly and to discuss divergent points of view. 

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