Dr. Paul Gavoni

Occasionally, the Institute invites guest bloggers to submit something of interest to our audience. As part of our focus on education, we have asked Paul Gavoni, Ed.D, BCaBA, to introduce his useful, interesting blog to our readers. We have highlighted a few of those blogs that include and go beyond education to applications in the world of business. With over 20 years in human services and public education, Paul has effectively transferred research to practice through the application of evidenced-based strategies to accelerate learning in children and adults. He has supported students and staff in a variety of environments such as high poverty school districts, private schools, group homes, secured facilities, day-treatment programs, alternative education facilities, and public schools. Beyond his work in leading various education and human services organizations, Paul is also a highly successful professional boxing and mixed martial arts coach.

Paulie GlovesPaul knows the 5-Step Process for coaching and sustaining behavior; moreover, he applies positive reinforcement with great skill towards achieving high levels of extraordinary performance. As the former golden gloves heavyweight champion of Florida and athletic leader, coach "Paulie Gloves" (as he is known in the sport) has successfully applied the science of human behavior to assist multiple fighters with obtaining championship titles at varying levels worldwide. With many successful fighters on his resume, Paul has even supported one of his fighters in reaching the pinnacle of the sport when he won and successfully defended the M-1 Global World Heavyweight Title for 3 years. Paul is a writer for Scifighting Magazine, Last Word on Sports, and is a featured coach in the book, Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts. Clearly his history has created fine habits to shape and sustain world class performance in the worlds of martial arts and in education. As an evolving OBM practitioner, Paul attended ADI’s 4.5-day course entitled Advanced Performance Management Technology (APMT) that has since been renamed Applications in Behavioral Leadership (ABL). During the week, he stood out as an eager, inquisitive, determined and dedicated person seeking out the best practices for shaping human performance.

In these two links, Paul has partnered with Manny Rodriguez, recently the president of the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) network and an influential leader in various behavior-analytic companies he has been associated with. He is currently a senior member of ABA-Technologies, Inc. (ABAT) an international training and development company working with practitioners world-wide.

Paul has over 50 articles available on the Internet. Please click on the links below to read a few of his writings and I hope you will visit his blog often.

Enjoy! Darnell Lattal, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Aubrey Daniels Institute

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