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International Alliance Activity Soars as Key Events Kick Off in Tokyo and Singapore

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July 20, 2011

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Spotlight on Safety and Precision Leadership® lead the way in strategic presentations to international business audiences.

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Atlanta, GA: ADI’s very own Dr. Aubrey Daniels is delivering what is being referred to by the Japanese press who are hosting this visit as an ‘urgent seminar’ to Japanese media and business on the criticality of safety management and their role in addressing safety before an accident strikes.

Aubrey in Japan“It is an honor to be invited to speak in Osaka and Tokyo on behalf of Nokkei Newspaper and the American Consulate,” said Dr. Daniels. “With the tragic events surrounding the tsunami and Japan’s nuclear situation earlier this year, I feel a responsibility to share what I know about behavior and safety with the Japanese people. It is through these types of extensions that I believe we all can learn from one another and hopefully avoid or minimize these tragic situations in the future.”

Dr. Daniels visit to Japan was arranged by ADI’s alliance partners, Will PM, a training organization based in Tokyo and led by CEO Jun Ishida. Will PM uses ADI’s behavioral technology in their training and business books, referring to that technology as behavior-based management.  

Dr. Ken Wagner - Singapore - BEADS InstituteIn another part of the world, specifically Singapore and Malaysia, ADI’s Dr. Ken Wagner is leading several expert workshops on both safety leadership and Precision Leadership®. This is Dr. Wagner’s second trip to Singapore in less than three months as ADI’s alliance partner, the BEADS Institute, has fully embraced ADI’s tools and methodologies and is successfully extending our approach to their clientele.

“Ken’s style and demeanor is a perfect fit with the business cultures of Singapore,” said Lalita Nithiyanadan, co-founder of the BEADS Institute. “We have had the pleasure of learning so much about the science of behavior, behavior analysis, under Ken’s direction and feel extremely comfortable having him support us as we extend these key principles, tools and methodologies to the business communities in Singapore and Malaysia respectfully.”

ADI is proud of the international partnerships and associations we have developed over the years. We invite you to learn more: http://aubreydaniels.com/international-presence.

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