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Knowledge Fluency

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Mastery vs FluencyUnderstanding Fluency 

Mastery Versus Fluency

Traditional training strives for mastery, the ability to demonstrate learning with few or no errors. But mastery alone has a limited impact on the length of time learners remember information (retention), their ability to recall or apply the information when distracted (stability), and their ability to transfer what they have learned to new and more complex tasks and situations (transfer). The end result is limited retention, stability, and transfer—and more re-training.


Mastery PLUS Fluency

Knowledge fluency goes beyond mastery. It’s the ability to recall or apply information accurately and without hesitation—like experts do. Through timed practice and frequent feedback and reinforcement, Blitz Precision Learning® software enables organizations to build knowledge mastery and fluency in what their employees really need to know. This knowledge fluency is demonstrated by increased retention, performance stability, and the ability to transfer what was learned to new and more complex tasks and situations.


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