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13 Management Practices That Waste Time & Money (and what to do instead)

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In these strained economic times when every penny counts (and demands accountability) you can no longer afford to invest in the financially flawed activities typically associated with . . .

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Downsizing
  • Stretch goals
  • Performance Appraisal

And you really have to stop . . .

  • Promoting people that nobody likes
  • Overrating “smart” people
  • Upsetting everyone with Employee of the Month programs

As the founder of a behavior-based process that has revitalized companies around the world, Aubrey C. Daniels has repeatedly witnessed the 13 most universally used, but ineffective management tactics. Businesses have been wasting time and funds on the same tired approaches for years. Now Daniels reveals what to do instead!

"Many performance-killing mistakes have been institutionalized into policies and procedures, in training for new managers, and even incorporated into pay, appraisal, and motivational systems.”

Aubrey C. Daniels, founder and chairman of Aubrey Daniels International and best-selling author

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