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Organizational Surveys

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Impact Results and Performance

Identify and act on pinpointed feedback that delivers a positive impact.

In organizations of any size, the factors that contribute to their culture, climate, and customer experience vary greatly. ADI offers the following surveys to support organizations in identifying and acting on the behaviors that will deliver a positive impact, both in results and in performance:

Climate Survey: If you are looking to instill positive change during a time of change, this survey assesses employees’ perceptions and perspectives of an organization and provides a critical line of communication to ensure positive results. The importance of conducting this kind of survey is to give a voice to employees, set benchmarks for future surveys, and serve as a basis for quality improvements by identifying areas for improvement and eliminating performance barriers identified by employees at all levels.

Culture Survey: An organization’s culture is shaped by the practices that are encouraged and discouraged, intentional or otherwise, over time. This survey is ideal for organizations that are looking to detect the behaviors that are defining their culture. It provides a clear and objective description of the current state of the organization and identifies recommendations for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Want to know what your clients think? Ask them! One of the best measures of success for any organization is how your customers view the service or product that you provide to them. ADI offers a customizable Customer Satisfaction Survey to help organizations gain an understanding of what they do well and what they need to improve.

Teamwork & Taskwork Survey: Whether you need to evaluate the contribution of an individual performer or an entire team, ADI’s Teamwork/Taskwork survey assesses cooperation, collaboration, and the timeliness and quality of work. This survey works well for project teams, functional teams, or cross-functional teams. Included in this survey is a self-assessment component to allow for a comparison of how people see themselves versus how the team as a whole is perceived.

Initiative Implementation Survey: Through our long history of working with clients of all types, ADI has identified behavioral factors critical to the successful implementation of any initiative or project. Through this survey, we evaluate single or multiple initiatives by identifying the presence or absence of these success factors, providing a final or in-process measure of the effectiveness of the implementation.  

Project Management Survey: Managing projects can be a daunting task. Using ADI’s Project Management survey, clients can uncover information on how effectively an individual project manager or your organization as a whole is developing, coordinating, and implementing small to large-scale projects. Through our three unique sets of questions linked to the various stages of a project, clients are able to adjust management practices accordingly to create best practices and individual development plans for future projects.


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