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Building Synergistic Partnerships

As a company working globally, ADI helps organizations apply behavioral tools and technologies to improve business and employee performance. We seek and maintain partnerships with like-minded firms that complement and extend the reach of our evidence-based approachdelivering our clients the very best we have to offer.

 Our Strategic Partners:

ProcessMAP is the leading EHSQ process and data intelligence platform that empowers our customers to minimize risk, assure compliance and ensure safety.  ProcessMAP’s analytics-driven cloud platform and advanced mobile-first solutions enable digital transformation, process consistency and data harmonization to drive actionable intelligence. We are headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with locations across the globe, serving more than 3 million users in 27+ languages in over 140 countries. ProcessMAP has multiple innovation centers across the US, Canada and India with EHS, sustainability and technology professionals supporting global as well as regional customers.
For more information, refer to press release.

MAGTEC Products Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing commercial intelligent vehicle control systems that help prevent theft, prevent speeding and enhance safety compliance for all classes of vehicles, including heavy equipment industries. One of its newest intelligent speed-limiting technology products, SafeSpeed®, is a patented solution that automatically limits vehicle speeds to posted speed limits in real time. MAGTEC’S headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta, and the company operates two wholly owned subsidiaries, MAGTEC Products (USA), Inc. and MAGTEC Asia, Inc. For more information, refer to press release.

The Institute for Safer Trucking is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering collaboration between trucking industry stakeholders to provide the public with an understanding of truck safety issues and the datadriven solutions that can address them. It is a reliable resource for families of truck crash victims and survivors in need of help. For more information, refer to press release.


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