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ADI NewsFeedCommonly referred to as experienced advisors, ADI’s consulting staff has been meeting our clients where they are for more than a quarter century:

  • Coaching teams on the frigid terraces of a polar icecap mining facility
  • Examining nuclear industry safety concerns across Europe
  • Training ‘teamwork’ and ‘safety first accountability’ to oil crews 200 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Working side by side with the crew of America’s largest seagoing ferry implementing customer service, decision-making, and maintenance
  • Activating sales excellence with a major Brazilian car dealership
  • Leading one of America’s largest suppliers of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, and construction and paving services to develop leadership skills and define best practices to improve key operational areas including dispatching, productivity, quality, and safety
  • Paving the way to a smooth multinational/multicultural merger/acquisition of financial service corporations
  • Guiding the sales staff of a leading pharmaceutical company in the strategies of Precision Selling
  • Working 1550 feet below the Earth’s surface to create a sustainable culture of celebration, commitment, and safety with the world’s largest provider of natural soda ash

Download Dollar General Case StudyOur consultants are not just experts in behavior; they are business advisors who ask the right questions to get at the core of your performance needs. More importantly, they deliver the same high-quality consulting regardless of initiative or industry. Our clients repeatedly tell us that irrespective of which ADI consultant delivers services, the end result is the same. The consistency in process and methodology is felt no matter who from ADI supports their work.

Whether in client settings or in support functions within ADI, each ADI team member focuses on doing what is needed to help our clients and our company achieve success. Our staff has key roles in direct applications to better serve the customer, in day-to-day management, in design, and in business development. Their positive interactions directly with our customers are a source of ADI’s strength.

The members of ADI’s executive team are: