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From Panic to Power

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From Panic to Power

From Panic to Power
John J. Parrino, Ph.D.
Hard Cover
An easy-to-read book about the effective management of one's behavior during stressful life events. Dr. Parrino discusses techniques for identifying, monitoring and controlling stress. Drawing from his successful practice and some astonishing case histories, this book is ideal for people working in a high-pressure environment.
"...Parrino's book is a self-help book in the best sense. It tells you how to understand stress and how to cope with it. It's a good book and I heartily recommend it."—Lindley H. Clark, The Wall Street Journal
"...a significant contribution...(Paul's story) serves as the basis of a case study that will be quoted often. It is a beautiful story." —James W. Greenwood, Stress Research IBM
Dr. John J. Parrino is a clinical psychologist, author and consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. He is considered an innovator in the area of stress, applying his Relationship Stress Model to the problems of individuals, couples, families, and the corporate environment. He is highly-published in the field and has conducted stress management seminars throughout the country.
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