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PM Planner

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Performance Management Planner

PM Planner
Soft Cover

Whether you are just learning about Performance Management (PM) or have been using it for years, the PM Planner will help you organize and prioritize your daily activities so that your application of PM becomes a habit. The PM Planner will help you focus and improve your impact, including the impact that you have on the performance of others.

The PM Planner includes three sections:

I. Self-Management - This section includes worksheets for capturing notes on your performance management activities, tracking and evaluating the reinforcement you provide and the impact you have, identifying your own improvement opportunities and reinforcers, building reinforcement into your work day, and pinpointing and tracking the critical results and behavior for which you are accountable.
II.Influencing Others - This section includes worksheets for identifying improvement opportunities in others and outlining what you can do to have a positive influence on their performance. Multiple sets of worksheets have been included to help you plan and implement each of the five steps in the Performance Management Process.

III. Reference Tools - This section includes background information and tips on using positive reinforcement, a glossary of key PM terms, and an at-a-glance calendar.

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