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The Power of Positive Parenting

The Power of Positive Parenting

Glen Latham, Ph.D.
Soft Cover
  • Rated the #1 parenting book in America by the Florida Association for Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Consistently praised by graduates of ADI's Applications in Performance Management Technology Seminar.

This is the instruction manual that every parent needs. It is the core knowledge tool on how to raise children in a positive and loving way. More importantly, it is proven through the most comprehensive collection of research and trials on child behavior and parenting.

The Power of Positive Parenting provides sound principles and practical methods for working with children. This book is unique in that it presents the wisdom developed from decades of scientific research in a conversational, easy-reading style. It is full of real-life examples, graphic illustrations, and simple explanations that you can use today. It completely and clearly explains how to deal with 21 typical childhood behaviors, including teenage problems, tantrums, whining, bedtime, potty-training, fighting, and more from birth through adulthood.

When parents apply this positive parenting system, children will feel loved, accepted, and confident while they develop a healthy understanding of consequences and "discipline". 

"The American family will never by the same - and that is not all bad. Perhaps the biggest thing we have going for us today is that so much is known about how to raise a happy family". These words are from author Dr. Glenn Latham, former Professor of Education at Utah State University and Director of a federally funded project that provides technical assistance to 10 states and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, on serving hard-to-teach and hard-to-manage children.


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