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Sales Management

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Sales Management

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District directors and sales managers for an office equipment firm use behavior-based methods of Performance Management (PM) to develop management techniques that increase sales.



The district directors and sales managers of this large sales division covering 11 U.S. regions lacked a cohesive structure for coaching sales representatives. They also had no measurement system in place for identifying or calibrating which of their own management methods were the most (or least) successful.   The sales management staff enlisted ADI’s specialists to help them develop and practice managerial behaviors that would drive increased sales. 


Solution Implemented:

ADI consultants examined the district’s key business issues regarding growth, competition and individual performance.  In addition, they gathered more information about the sales division’s dynamics using focus groups, observations and interviews with both sales representatives and members of the sales management team.  ADI then shared these findings with the management team and applied them to the establishment of managerial behaviors that promoted sales results, specific measures of success and progress toward success and individual performance improvement plans for each district director and sales manager.  Coaching sessions and ongoing coaching support enabled the management force to implement and train others in their respective districts in the Performance Management (PM) techniques while sharing a common accountability system that seamlessly blended with pre-existing operations.


Results of Intervention:

  • Identification of positive strategies in leadership and sales performance
  • Significant improvements in sales reps’ performance verified through increased sales – for example, one division increased sales quota from 85 percent to 142 percent.
  • Provision of a reproducible and effective management model in coaching for sales results and a shared accountability system for sales management team
  • A core team of onsite consultants trained to guide others in the implementation of the behavior-based performance improvement process.
  • Individual performance improvement plans for using the performance improvement process effectively


“The biggest effect of Performance Management (PM) is the individual success of our sales reps and in the extraordinary power of positive reinforcement to create a great place to work.”

—Sales Manager


“Improvements in PM, properly understood, can only make the job of line management easier.  This should be even more the case now that the definition of success in sales is beginning to change, driven by competitiveness and productivity concerns at both the core and systems product levels.”

—District Director


“The pilot implementations showed that regular, or bi-weekly review and feedback are more effective than monthly stack rankings in getting performance improvements.  The review and feedback method drives results, the ranking simply reports them.”

—Sales Manager