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The Science of Safety: Bestselling Authors and Experts to Host Webinar on Behavioral Science & Workplace Safety

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February 28, 2011

ADI Press Release

4-Part Series by Safety Experts Judy Agnew and Aubrey Daniels, to Draw on Principles and Practices Outlined in "Safe by Accident"

Atlanta, GA: The authors of a widely praised new book championing behavioral science as the key to workplace safety will host a series of webinars that promise to help organizations create a permanent culture of safety, organizers announced today.

Between March 15th through April 29th, renowned safety experts Judy Agnew and Aubrey Daniels will present Effective Safety Leadership, a series of four 90-minute webinars that will provide specific tools for identifying ineffective practices, understanding the behaviors behind risky habits and rare errors, and how to foster long-lasting, effective safety practices

The series is inspired by the pair’s recently published book Safe by Accident? Take the Luck out of Safety. Drawing on decades of research and work with many of the world’s leading corporations, Agnew (Removing Obstacles to Safety) and Daniels (Bringing out the Best in People) reveal how many companies are “safe by accident” because, for example, they focus too heavily on lagging indicators, such as low incident rates.

Fast becoming an indispensible manual for anyone responsible for their company’s safety systems, the book has been praised and cited in a wide range of outlets including Investor's Business Daily, Chief Learning Officer, and Occupational Health & Safety.

Recommended as a series but available individually, the four 90-minute webinars are:

  • Safety Practices that Don’t Work (and what to do instead) - March 15, 2011, 1:00p.m. Agnew will point out seven common yet ineffective safety practices, including awareness training and disciplinary action, and will reveal how to identify safety solutions that offer maximum impact.
  • Understanding At-Risk Behavior - March 29, 2011, 1:00p.m. Why do good employees engage in at-risk behavior? Agnew will explain how to identify the subtle causes of at-risk behavior and share tools for designing more effective management practices and organizational systems that encourage consistent safe behavior.
  • Eliminating the Rare Error - April 11, 2011, 1:00p.m. Rare errors have two common causes: inadequate training and too few reinforcers to keep employees focused on their task. Daniels will discuss the role of behavior in triggering rare errors and explain how to build in new behaviors that eliminate them.
  • Creating a Safety Culture - April 29, 2011, 1:00p.m. Creating a sustainable safety culture is a daunting task, but, Dr. Agnew and Dr. Daniels will help attendees break the task into manageable steps, identifying where their practices are aligned with a sustainable safety culture and where there are disconnects that may be undermining their effectiveness.

“In light of the major workplace accidents we’ve seen over the past year, it’s clear it is time to rethink our safety practices using science and proven systems rather than questionable conventions,” said Agnew. "This series will give attendees the tools they need to eliminate bad practices and foster a culture of safety that extends from the boardroom, to supervisors, to employees on the front lines.”

To purchase a copy of Safe By Accident, visit www.safebyaccident.com.