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Science, Safety Leadership, and Accelerating Change

Science, Safety Leadership, and Accelerating Change eLearning


Six interactive self-paced modules plus a course review and knowledge assessment:

1. Introduction
2. Why People Do What They Do
3. Behavior is a Function of Its Consequences
4. The Safety Dilemma
5. Encouraging Safety with Positive Reinforcement
6. Creating a Culture of Desired Safe Behaviors

Improvements in safety start with leadership. But oftentimes safety takes a back seat to other initiatives, particularly when it comes to understanding and identifying the behaviors needed to create a culture of safety. At ADI, we understand that good intentions are not enough and that safety requires an understanding of the science of behavior to ensure exemplary safety leadership. 

This online course provides a rich online learning experience and an introductory understanding of how to use the science of behavior to improve behaviors that are critical to building safe habits within your organization. Leverage your training across multiple locations and shifts with effective, highly engaging eLearning that delivers the skills necessary to shape safe behavior in your workplace. This online course is led by ADI senior vice president and safety expert Dr. Judy Agnew, author of two highly regarded safety books: Safe by Accident and Removing Obstacles to Safety. 

This course empowers its learners with the knowledge and skills needed to shape safe behavior.

  • With a user friendly, intuitive interface, learners can quickly move between modules and sections of a module with ease.
  • Designed using the most effective behavioral and adult learning principles, this course offers learning tools that compliment multiple learning styles. 
  • Carefully designed and programmed interactivity ensures that knowledge is assessed and retained via consistent interactive exercise
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