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ADI offers  dynamic personalities  that lead audiences to take action.

ADI Presenters

Dynamic personalities who engage and ignite audiences.

Keynote Presentations

Delivering insight into important workplace topics including, leadership, management, safety, engagement and culture.


Happy Client Feedback


The change was astronomical. The improvement we’ve had has been miraculous.

– Manager Customer Service Operations


Previously unheard of levels of improvement over prior periods have occurred and played a prominent role in the plant’s ability to supply product to customers in a tight market.

— Controller


If you bring proven processes into organizations that have
total management commitment, then you really can get the results you’re looking for.

— CEO U.S. Operations


  • World-class speakers who lead audiences to take action
  • Audience has a clear understanding of what to do differently when returning to the workplace.
  • Audiences come to understand the practices, strategies, and tools that drive sustained, accelerated performance

Speaker Spotlight: Judy Agnew

A dynamic and powerful speaker, Judy Agnew, senior vice president, can energize and impact audiences of all sizes. This Q&A formatted video provides a closer look at Judy’s personal style and how she works with clients to deliver expert presentations.

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