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Stopping Baby's Colic

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Stopping Baby's Colic
Ted Ayllon with Mori Freed
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Over one in five newborns suffer from infant colic and no one knows the cause. Because there's no medical cure, available books on the subject simply offer trial-and-error suggestions to stop the crying. Now, there's a proven, fast, early-learning program that works!

Over ten years ago Dr. Ted Ayllon, one of the world's leading behavioral therapists, began using his approach but only recently applied his findings to treating colic-with remarkable results. Called Comfort Training, this unique, seven-step proceure "teaches" infants as young as two weeks old to stop their excessive crying by using music as therapy. All that's needed is lots of love, a simple CD player, kitchen timer, and the musical selection of your choice.

Stopping Baby's Colic includes Dr. Ayllon's Comfort Training program, his research and clinical applications, as well as a "Cry Diary" for monitoring your baby's progress. Most parents see results in just three to seven days.

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