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“A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership” Workshop

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Frontline Supervisors are the linchpins of safety:
bringing together all aspects of safety management.

This 1-day workshop provides supervisors with the support they need to build practical skills in motivating and engaging frontline employees to participate fully in safety.

During this highly interactive session, based on the recently released book by the same name, supervisors will focus on the very specific tasks and responsibilities within their control. They will develop skills around relationship development, fostering engagement, giving positive and constructive feedback, and using positive reinforcement to build safe habits at the front line. Other topics, including hazard remediation, encouraging reporting, improving communication, and minimizing blame, will also be discussed. 

Session Objectives
Participants who attend this workshop will be able to:
  • Identify the behavioral causes of at-risk behavior and improve change strategies
  • Build strong working relationships with direct reports as a starting point for engagement
  • Provide effective positive and constructive feedback to help improve safety behaviors
  • Concentrate feedback and positive reinforcement on the behaviors that truly prevent injuries
  • Use positive management strategies that build safe habits and encourage open communication

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will leave with a personalized action plan for improving their safety leadership.

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Safety Leadership Implementation

ADI offers onsite training, consultation, and coaching services for frontline supervisors and middle and senior management. Contact us to learn more.

This workshop is not a trainer certification course and is only available to qualified individuals. Training and consulting firms, independent consultants, external executive coaches, and other external organizational development service providers may not attend. 

For a complete list of events and scheduled dates, please refer to our Workshop Schedule. All public sessions are held in our ADI Training Center located in Atlanta, GA. Please also review our accommodations, materials, and cancellation policies.