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A Supervisor's Guide to (Safety) Leadership eBook

A Supervisor's Guide to (Safety) Leadership eBook

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When considering safety in any organization, there is one role tasked to ensure that the company vision and values are executed, procedures are complied with, and decisions implemented—the frontline supervisor.  Frontline supervisors are critical to pulling all the critical elements of safety together.  They are linchpins of safety.

A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership: Preventing Injury in the Workplace, the latest book from behavioral safety expert, Judy Agnew, gives important attention to the very critical role of a frontline supervisor and provides practical tools for improving safety management. Organized around nine safety leadership practices, this book is more than a teaching tool.  It is a practical guide that offers clear and immediate actions for any leader to take in increasing their effectiveness of managing others and keeping workers safe.

With topics ranging from engaging the workforce, eliminating hazards, encouraging near miss reporting, this book is instantly useful for anyone interested in improving their leadership skills in particular areas.  Each chapter ends with very clear actions readers can take to develop their skills. The topics and skills covered in this book extend beyond safety and prove to be the perfect guide for anyone interested in working on improving their leadership and management of people.

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 “A Supervisor’s Guide…” helps unlock the mystery around creating a great safety culture, and enables frontline supervisors to see their role in it.—Gary Catapano, Senior VP Safety, First Group

 While leadership top down is always critical, frontline supervisors need practical tools to help them achieve safety excellence and build a safety culture that leads to sustainable results.—Karin Stamy, System Director Safety, Norfolk Southern Corporation

 This book is not only applicable to a frontline supervisor but to all layers of management.—J.W. (Jim) Latham III, Director of Positively CONSOL, CONSOL Energy

 Simple and yet so powerful; a combination of practical tips and tools from a supervisor’s perspective that demystifies the approach to achieving sustainable safety improvement.— Maria Krysa, Director, Olin Responsible Care & Quality, Olin Corporation

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