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Sustain Your Gains Scratch & Dent

Sustain Your Gains Scratch & Dent

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Accelerate Improvement, Sustain Gains

The People Side of Lean-Six Sigma


“As Lean and Six Sigma applications have spread throughout business and industry, a gap has begun to be noticed. That gap is the significant number of Lean and Six Sigma applications that are not sustained. That gap is on the people side of Lean and Six Sigma. Sustain Your Gains shows how to close the gap.”

Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels
Author of Oops: 13 Management Practices that Waste Time & Money (and what to do instead)

When organizations look to make process improvements, they often turn to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. While these approaches might get you where you want to go in the short-term, they alone are not likely to keep you there. Regardless of the process improvement model you follow, your long-term success will be based on whether or not you carefully consider the new behavior required to sustain your gains. Change that does not build in feedback and positive consequences for the new behavior is not sustainable.

This book will teach you to:

  • focus the energy of the 70% people side of Lean-Sigma in a how-to format and from a veteran Lean/Performance consultant Michael McCarthy
  • how to add Aubrey Daniels International’s proven people methodology to your Lean/Sigma initiative, to sustain your hard won gains
  • make a process improvement last by systematically applying positive reinforcement and other behavior analytic tools


“Mike's book gives great practical advice on how to gain stronger team participation during a project and how to build reinforcement into your control plans or SOPs. As a project leader you can help your process owners sustain the gains by teaching them HOW.”

 Jean O'Connell Director, 3M Six Sigma Operations (retired)


"The Process of Six Sigma works, but only when you incorporate the principles of feedback and positive reinforcement to sustain the improvements. The "people" will want to achieve the desired results only if you make it visible and rewarding to them."

 Bruce Kennedy Vice President Enterprise Strategy, YRC Worldwide

"Many lean books up to now have included statements or even chapters about the importance of leadership, culture, and behavior change in the transformation of an organization to a lean culture.  But there has been a gap in most business books in providing specific instructions in how to motivate people to change from “traditional” approaches to making and providing products and services, to engaging in “lean behaviors”, so the organization can reap the benefits that come with less waste, faster flow, and improved customer satisfaction. Sustain Your Gains offers very specific descriptions of how to help people practice lean behaviors that will work in their organization, and continue practicing those behaviors, so the results gained from lean implementation continue on.

John Kaemmerlen, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

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