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Understanding Performance Problems – The PIC/NIC Analysis®

Understanding Performance Problems – The PIC/NIC Analysis® eLearning

We have all asked or been asked "Why would anyone do such a thing?" Understanding the actions or behavior of others does not have to be a mystery. This online course provides a tool that helps take the mystery out of behavior, and does so through a rich online learning experience. The PIC/NIC Analysis® allows you to examine behavior from the perspective of the performer to determine why certain behaviors occur while others do not.

In this interactive, self-paced course, learners are thoughtfully taken through each of the eight steps for conducting a PIC/NIC Analysis® and provided invaluable learning opportunities along the way. Practice activities are included for each of these steps and cover a range of applications in areas of business productivity, healthy living, safety, and social habits.

Course Features
This highly engaging eLearning environment delivers the skills necessary to perform PIC/NIC Analyses in your workplace and apply what you’ve learned to guide performance improvement. Features include:

A mobile friendly, intuitive interface that allows learners to quickly move between modules and sections of a module with ease.
Programming, design, and delivery based on the most effective behavioral and adult learning principles.
Learning tools and activities that compliment multiple learning styles. 
Carefully designed and programmed interactivity that ensures knowledge is assessed and retained via consistent and targeted exercises.
For more on the PIC/NIC Analysis® and other effective behavioral tools for the workplace, read Performance Management: Changing Behavior That Drives Organizational Effectiveness.

To complement this course, you may also be interested in Behavioral Consequences, , an eLearning course focused on the four types of behavioral consequences (plus extinction) and how each affects performance.

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