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BBS Basics Trainer Certification

A proven and effective behavior-based safety implementation process designed to be facilitated by your internal safety professionals.

BBS Basics Trainer Certification provides everything a safety professional or corporate trainer needs to implement a successful behavior-based safety process. This package is built on ADI’s years of experience implementing BBS in a wide variety of organizations, but is designed to be implemented without the use of our consultants.

Is BBS Basics Right For My Organization?
BBS Basics is ideal for organizations that want a proven BBS process but need a more cost-effective solution. It is also ideal for organizations that have unusual shifts, remote locations or other circumstances that make a consultant-lead implementation difficult. BBS Basics is a great solution for organizations that want or need maximal flexibility.

Does It Focus On The Frontline Only?
While frontline employees play a key role in BBS Basics, there is a clear cut role for supervisors, managers and executives. BBS Basics provides the tools to engage all employees in creating and sustaining a safer workplace.

Is It Just A Training Package?
BBS Basics provides internal facilitators with the tools to complete a BBS implementation from start to finish. Unlike other products that just offer training, BBS Basics provides the tools required to conduct an effective kick-off, facilitate training, begin the implementation and sustain it over the long-term.

Here is a sample of what is included in this comprehensive package:

  • Introducing BBS to your organization
  • Selecting BBS teams
  • Engaging management and supervision
  • Dealing with barriers
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Creating positive accountability systems to ensure success
  • Keeping the BBS process fresh

For a complete list of events and scheduled dates, please refer to our Workshop Schedule. All public sessions are held in our ADI Training Center located in Atlanta,GA. Please also review our accommodations, materials, and cancellation policies.