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Bringing Out the Best in People

Learn how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement and tap into discretionary effort! 

This working session introduces ADI’s proven behavioral technology, providing real-time human-performance tools, skill building in their application, and clear examples of how the technology has been applied in a variety of settings and situations.

Most managers and supervisors face the same question, “How do I get people to give their best efforts in their jobs and to the organization?” Managing employee performance is the single most difficult thing to do when you don't understand behavior. Business is behavior; every action, every decision, every change is the result of what employees say and do.

Understanding behavior at an individual level is the key to success. No organization can produce results without human behavior. The subject that managers must be most expert in is how to create a work environment that brings out the best in people every day.

What You Will Learn

  • Why people do what they do
  • The secret to tapping discretionary effort
  • The 5-step model for rapid change
  • How to deliver effective positive and constructive verbal feedback on performance
  • Practical, useful tools you can use to address your specific and unique performance challenges

About the Program

At the completion of this course, you will have:

  • A scientific model for analyzing performance issues
  • The tools to revitalize performance permanently
  • A powerful reinforcement system for transforming your employees’ work
  • A systematic process for promoting discretionary performance

Bringing Out the Best in People is not a trainer certification course and is available to qualified individuals only. Training and consulting firms, independent consultants, external executive coaches, and other external organizational development service providers may not attend.

Online training dates currently available.

All public sessions are currently on hold. In-person sessions are held in our ADI Training Center located in Atlanta, GA. Please also review our accommodations, materials, and cancellation policies.


Online - September 9-10, 2020


This workshop takes place online.