ADI's proven coaching process accelerates individual, team, and organizational performance.

Leaders and managers at all levels often spend much of their time reacting to events (a.k.a. putting out fires) rather than proactively moving their team and organization toward their goals. As the pace of business continues to increase, how can you manage a team, large or small, that consistently achieves its goals while enjoying the challenge?

Coaching for Impact is a process and toolkit to help shape what people say and do and how they do it, focusing on the critical things that people must do to be successful. This science-based process is ideal for organizations that are interested in:

  • clarifying performance expectations,
  • motivating their workforce,
  • increasing performance standards,
  • reducing variability in how work is done,
  • improving teamwork and employee engagement, and
  • retaining their best performers.

ADI works with managers and internal coaches to build their fluency in analyzing performance issues from a behavioral perspective, objectively defining and evaluating their expectations, providing real-time performance feedback, and using positive reinforcement to shape key behaviors. In the process, managers improve the quality and frequency of the consequences they provide (in a way that is specific, direct, and helpful) and build relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Your managers will spend more of their time proactively doing what it takes to achieve and sustain your business goals, and they’ll do it in a way that improves your culture. Isn’t it time to move away from managing exceptions and poor performers?