Safety Leadership is a systematic approach to strengthen proactive, preventative behaviors at every organizational level through positive safety engagement.

Improvements in safety start with leadership. It can be said that the role of leaders in safety has been poorly defined. Vague phrases such as “making safety a priority” or “creating a safety culture” are not instructive. Beyond vision and values, what should a leader do today and tomorrow to ensure a safe work environment?

There are some obvious behaviors that supervisors, managers and executives need to do to create and sustain excellence in safety. What leaders say about safety, how they prioritize safety both in words and actions, and how quickly they deal with hazardous conditions are all straight-forward examples. But leaders are also responsible for creating and maintaining the organizational systems within which people work. These systems influence safety behavior just as much, sometimes more, than what leaders say and do directly with the workforce. Safety training programs, incentive systems, staffing levels, promotion practices, and quality programs all have potential impact on safety. ADI works with leaders to look not only at the impact of organizational systems on safety, but also to help identify high-impact leader behaviors that ensure engagement and help build a high performance safety culture.

Good intentions are not enough. Learn how to use the science of behavior analysis to ensure exemplary safety leadership.

Download the Safety Leadership Brochure:

Download the Safety Leadership Brochure