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A Tale of Two Shipwrecks, Culture, and Survival

The Grafton and the Invercauld Imagine a natural social experiment in which two groups of shipwrecked castaways are forced to live on opposite sides of the same deserted, subantarctic island for…


VIDEO 7 February 2024 | Organizational Solutions

Vlog: Four Reasons Lean Initiatives Fail

Brian Molina discusses his blog, "Four Reasons Lean Initiatives Fail and How Leadership Can Help." Lean tools have the power to transform businesses and lives. However, when leadership isn't fully on board, it can lead to disappointment. Learn from these 4 common pitfalls to ensure your lean initiative thrives and brings meaningful change.Go to blog.
VIDEO 1 February 2024 | Both

Kanban or Caution: Don't Try This at Home

Ever tried applying a successful work strategy to your personal life? In Brian’s blog, he delves into the difficulties of attempting to transplant a successful work strategy, kanban in his case, into personal life. Spoiler alert: it wasn't a seamless transition! Let's talk about the nuances of implementing strategies across different environments. Check out…
VIDEO 25 January 2024 | Organizational Solutions

Arranging Cultures of Innovation

For more than 200,000 years, humans have been trending toward technological innovation. We can see a common thread that starts with Paleolithic hunter-gatherers sitting around the hearth, sharing advancements in tool development and controlling fire, to our modern-era technologists brainstorming the next world-changing invention. However, this trajectory…
VIDEO 17 January 2024 | Organizational Solutions

CLE Blog Series

Throughout 2023, ADI Leadership expert Bryan Shelton wrote 10 blogs for his series on Common Leadership Errors. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on the series.  Which of these topics resonates most with you?  View all of the blogs here.