Maximize and sustain employee performance and organizational profitability.

Employees who have a stake in the financial success of their organization are much more focused and engaged in their work and aware of how it impacts the overall success of the organization than those who don’t. Unfortunately, most organizations rely solely on increases in base pay to reward employees and struggle with how to get the most from their compensation dollars, including how to evaluate and compensate performance objectively and equitably.

For more than 30 years, ADI has successfully applied the science of behavior to matters of employee pay and performance. Our expertise, tools and resources allow clients to effectively communicate organizational strategy and equitably distribute incentive pay based on objective, results-driven performance improvement. Whether you want to enhance an existing system or put a new one in place, ADI offers the most advanced and effective science-based system available to make it happen, including:

  • Objective Performance Measurement – Aligned, position-specific scorecards that identify how each position helps drive profitability.
  • Performance Feedback and Diagnostics – Individualized monthly reports that show performance relative to goal and can be used by managers to help reinforce and shape performance improvement.
  • Profit-Indexed Performance Pay™ – Pay indexing based on the profitability of the organization and individual performance, equitably distributing more pay to high performers based on their greater contribution to the organization’s success.
  • System Administration and Support – From implementation to conducting comprehensive system audits, we ensure that your system is successful

ADI’s performance-based pay system delivers a proven solution for improving employee performance and sustaining organizational profitability—providing a third-party, unbiased system that employees come to trust!


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