Certifying Internal Training and Coaching Resources

Are you looking to build internal behavioral training and coaching expertise for a large-scale global roll-out? If you have an international footprint or many small sites that make scheduling leadership development activities difficult, having ADI certify your internal resources to deliver the training and/or provide follow-up coaching support can be an efficient and cost-effective strategy. ADI has delivered trainer and coach certification workshops globally to support large-scale performance improvement goals. We can equip your internal resources with the knowledge and skills they need to initiate and sustain behavior change in your organization.

Trainer Certification

Whether you are looking to build skills in behavioral leadership, safety leadership, or behavior-based safety, ADI can prepare your internal trainers to facilitate the training with confidence. Through formal instruction, practical experience, and performance feedback and coaching, ADI experts will provide a safe learning environment to enable your trainers to master the content and its instruction.

Trainer certification is specific to the workshop that the trainers are certified to facilitate. It is not a general instructor certification. Trainer certification requires a company license agreement and individual trainer agreements. These agreements limit the use of the licensed content and require the provision of participant training materials purchased from ADI for each person trained by the certified instructors.

Coach Certification

Behavioral skill development and true leadership change occur as leaders apply their workshop learnings to their daily work. Providing reinforcement and support during the initial stages of this transformation is essential to turn concepts into effective practices and those practices into safe and productive habits. Whether provided by ADI’s skilled consultants or your internal resources certified by ADI, follow-up coaching is essential for building and sustaining the habits that will fuel a successful implementation.

If you opt to have your internal resources deliver the follow-up coaching and support, ADI will provide guidance on selection criteria for your team of coaches. ADI can customize its coach certification process to provide the level of support your coaches will need to maintain the focus and momentum of the implementation.