Trusted advisors deliver science-based guidance to get you where you need to be

Organizations have the best intentions when they plan and implement initiatives to increase efficiency or productivity, reduce variance, standardize processes, engage employees, etc. Yet they often end up with initiatives that stall or don’t produce the desired result. How can your organization stand out from the rest?

ADI’s expert consultants understand what gets in the way of successfully implementing initiatives and strategic plans. ADI helps organization think through the required behaviors and the behavioral consequences of their plans and decisions before implementing them. All too often the desired behavior lacks clear direction and the positive consequences needed to get it going or to keep it going.

ADI complements your internal expertise with a science-based and insightful behavioral perspective that focuses on areas such as:

  • Providing real-time evaluation of business issues
  • Identifying the likely behavioral consequences of plans and decisions and offering alternatives that will optimize follow-through
  • Defining the behaviors required at each level of the organization to support the implementation of an initiative
  • Designing and developing instruction to produce performance mastery and fluency
  • Designing and implementing feedback, motivation, and performance appraisal systems to focus and accelerate performance

No two organizations are identical. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to working with the unique culture, practices, systems, and business environment that define your organization. Whether you want ADI to advise or to lead the charge, ADI’s expert consulting services will help you achieve your goals quickly while avoiding the common behavioral pitfalls of many initiatives and strategic plans.