Our Science-Based Approach

To improve performance and engage the workforce, organizations need to systematically solicit information and act on feedback from their employees. Using a proven, science-based behavioral approach to surveys and site assessments, ADI uncovers behavioral gaps in processes and practices and delivers critical data that can be translated into sound strategy and coachable action plans for people, systems, and processes.


ADI’s suite of confidential surveys gather actionable internal feedback on the impact of your company’s leadership, culture, and practices, including strengths and improvement opportunities in organizational effectiveness, leadership engagement, safety, and employee engagement. Over years of implementing surveys, ADI has refined its process and support materials to limit the time and effort required by our customers. Whatever your survey needs, ADI can provide sound and reliable surveys and a white-glove implementation process.

Site Assessments

While surveys give us focus and a breadth of understanding, ADI site assessments provide further clarity and depth of understanding. Through critical activities such as interviews, focus groups, and direct observation of processes and employee interactions, ADI’s behavioral assessments can uncover the behavioral root cause of cultural and performance issues.

ADI uses its understanding of the science of behavior to evaluate what in your organization contributes to and what detracts from high performance and a productive culture. Your business and the performance of your people will improve when you gather and act on the information that is most important to your company’s success. Let ADI lead the way.

Thank you all so much for the assistance you provided us in completing our survey. We very much appreciate the extra efforts and found everyone at ADI to be supportive, knowledgeable, professional, and competent.

Areas of Focus

ADI offers the following science-based surveys and assessments:

Organizational Surveys

Gather pinpointed feedback on the effectiveness of your organization, site, or department.

Culture Assessments

Understand the people, processes, and systems of your organization and areas for improvement.

Safety Surveys

Evaluate your safety culture, safety systems, and processes and their impact on employees.

Safety Assessments

Gain an evidence-based view of your organization’s safety performance and ensure that you are safe by design and not safe by accident.

Leadership Surveys

Uncover a leader’s effectiveness in working with others and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Performance Systems Assessments

Optimize and align your performance systems through an in-depth behavioral analysis of their design and impact.

Customized Surveys

Address unique organizational needs important to achieving business and performance goals.

Training Assessments

Evaluate the design and effectiveness of your employee and leadership training.

Precision Leadership Survey

A leader’s impact must be aligned with his or her intentions. David Uhl explains how ADI’s streamlined and efficient survey process delivers critical data that provides the foundation for coaching leaders on improving the way they interact with and lead others.


Clients Who Trust Us


Strong positive correlation between ADI’s Leadership Survey and managers who drove up Q12 employee engagement


Global safety rollout included a Safety Culture Survey conducted in 20+ countries and 15 languages


Reduced incidents after Safety Culture Survey and assessment at 20 sites in 3 countries identified critical safety behaviors


Site assessments led to a comprehensive leadership development & performance improvement journey

What People Are Saying About ADI Surveys



Leadership surveys should deliver these important outcomes:

  1. Fosters Accountability for Leadership Development
  2. Builds Positive Work Relationships
  3. Improves Leadership Effectiveness
  4. Encourages Open and Actionable Feedback
  5. Increases Employee Engagement