Uncover opportunities for improvement and gain insight into your organization and provide employees with a voice.

Organizations need a highly responsive workforce that can adjust quickly to changing demands and unexpected challenges. But changes that are needed often are not clearly seen and leaders can easily be distracted by other demands rather than staying committed to managing and coaching others. Knowing the critical areas of focus for necessary change can be a challenge.

ADI’s behaviorally sound leadership and culture surveys and assessments give employees a voice, provide insight into a company’s current work environment and practices, and uncover improvement opportunities for managers and leaders. ADI’s science-based approach provides critical data that becomes the foundation for targeted coaching and high-impact improvement plans. Re-administering surveys at scheduled intervals provides valuable feedback to leaders on their improvement efforts and enables adjustments to increase impact.




If you are looking for answers to organizational concerns or just want to ensure that your leadership practices are contributing to a positive culture, invest in one or more of ADI’s assessments or survey offerings.