Building Deliberate Leadership Skills

Learn how to manage and accelerate change in your organization.

Combining two of ADI's proven offerings, Behavioral Leadership and Coaching for Rapid Change®, this 2-day customized workshop integrates training in effective coaching tactics with behavior-based tools for promoting Discretionary effort®. Participants who attend this workshop develop a new capability that can be directed at any challenge or results target your organization identifies.

This working session is quick and efficient in helping participants learn about and manage change of all kinds. You will learn practical skills in how to pinpoint, measure, provide feedback, reinforce improvement, and evaluate both the desired results achieved and the behaviors required to achieve those results.

In addition, this customized session incorporates behavioral shaping to help coaches and those in their influence get better at what they do, by putting them into contact with natural reinforcement (e.g. success) for conducting their roles in a more effective manner.

This is not a public workshop offering and is only delivered for individuals and groups within the same organization. ADI offers this workshop in the following two formats:

Two-day In-Person Training: Training is delivered at your location for groups of 12-24.

What You Will Learn

At the completion of this workshop, participants can expect to:

  • Identify and address the behavioral causes of performance challenges
  • Maximize success of current strong performers
  • Pinpoint key business results and critical behaviors that impact those results
  • Deliver quick and precise coaching that helps performers to improve and drive the needs of the business

Structure your day to include 10 minutes of targeted touchpoint coaching

Behavioral Leadership Customized Education is not a trainer certification course and is available to individuals of qualified organizations only. Training and consulting firms, independent consultants, external executive coaches, and other external organizational development service providers may not attend.