What People Are Saying About ADI Surveys

We have surveyed over a quarter of a million individuals and have received some great feedback from our clients regarding the value of the surveys we have implemented and the customer support we provide.

I continue to be impressed with the level of service, responsiveness, and customer focus that the ADI team delivers on a consistent basis. Admittedly, I am not technical in nature and sometimes find myself having provided incomplete, inaccurate data followed by e-mails and phone calls asking for help. ADI invariably responds quickly, accurately, and professionally. More impressive is the consistent ability to support us and interact with us as though we are ADI's only customer when I know you are supporting many other customers. In my experience, ADI works with us more as a true business partner, not just consultant/vendor, and that makes all the difference.
Tim McRay, Daimler Financial Services
Thanks for prompt feedback, you guys are GOOOD!
Michael Drury, M&T Bank
As always, the project management surveys went great and provided valid feedback.
Matt Gwin, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
We’ve finished giving the survey feedback to the managers we surveyed and it was my experience that they found the feedback to be of value. They committed to communicating back to their respective direct reports and many made commitments to discuss particular elements related to the feedback they received. Many found the feedback reinforcing for specific aspects of their management behaviours plus identifying areas for further attention. Some of the feedback sessions I conducted included an opportunity for additional coaching which was great. Thank you once again for all of the energy you expended on that project.
Carolyn Hands, SafetyWorks Group – Strategic Partner
I so appreciate everything you did to support me and the entire organization in achieving the results we needed, and all within the deadline. You’re a miracle worker you know!!
Fabulous...It was the first time I’ve been involved with a project with someone at such long distance and it was an amazing experience particularly as I think ADI must have been working when they should have been asleep-on more than one occasion.
The surveys enabled us to show that there was an improvement (using the average scores) across the division we were speaking to. Useful feedback and we were certainly pleased that it was an improvement and not the opposite.
There are more significant changes to be seen in the individual surveys reports and we’re looking forward to the feedback sessions with the individual managers. It is great to know that there have been some significant changes in the perception of direct reports for those managers who really took up the process. It does illustrate the value and it was great to be able to highlight this particular point to the management group.
Thanks so much for the timely prompts to the participants and frequent at-a-glance updates to me. The combination of the prompts and the response rates that I can communicate to the managers based on your updates really works well to get the level of participation we want.
I have a meeting this morning with to review interpreting and using the survey feedback, for which I did no preparation before leaving for my extended weekend! ADI sliced and diced the different reports for me so that along with center level info, I am able to give each leader only data that pertains to only their departments. Through several phone conversations and emails yesterday, I'm feeling confident that I will have enough data to satisfy the hunger of our Leaders for "the numbers." ADI quickly sent me the draft of the manual they mentioned when they were here. Everything I ask for was provided in a very timely manner. My hunch is that you interrupted other work to respond to my immediate needs and I truly appreciate you for that.
My experience has been the ADI has always responded to any request, any time day or night. Their willingness to help is always so forthcoming – even at times at personal cost I am sure. So a big “thank you.” Thanks again to the team for their incredible responsiveness to my requests.
Thank you for your explanation of the process in detail. It's clear and professional. Thank you for your advice and support.
I appreciated everything ADI has done to ensure the administration of the Precision Leadership Survey is a success.
I appreciate the high level of customer service and responsiveness. It’s refreshing!
Great job. Exactly what I was looking for. I like the categories you’ve created. Thanks again for the fine work.
Thank you for working with me and around my vacation plans. I truly appreciate the flexibility as the results from these surveys will help all of us improve as managers. Furthermore, thank you for the friendly reminder yesterday as my plate was quite full getting caught up.
Thanks so much for your expertise with the surveys. These are so important to our progress, and I love knowing that I can always count on ADI to deliver a great product and service and to work with us on our special requests. Looking forward to our continued partnership and to learning much from each of you. Thank you.
ADI so good about working with all of these one-off requests and repeated "resends." I really appreciate it. Thanks so much.
Thank you so much for your flexibility!
To the ADI team, thank you, sincerely, for all the extra effort. It is greatly appreciated!
The team's feedback to me was that the project, including the electronic survey appears to be going very well. Good work. Thank You.
The survey design is perfect and it works great! Thanks!
The Safety Summit went well yesterday, largely due to the work the ADI team did on the survey. Can’t thank you enough for the great effort. It was a pleasure working with ADI.
Thank you all so much for the assistance you provided us in completing our 360 Survey. We very much appreciate the extra efforts you made to help make our self-evaluation successful. We found everyone at ADI to be supportive, knowledgeable, professional, and competent.
Thank you for working with us and extending the deadline from Friday to Tuesday, as we did have some scheduling challenges. It is always a pleasure working with ADI. I am grateful for the responsiveness, willingness, and tireless efforts to ensure this process runs smoothly and successfully.
ADI has been extremely helpful and it was a pleasure working with them on the Safety Culture Survey. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you!
Once again, thank you for all of your assistance with our Leadership Performance Surveys. We appreciate the support.
Great! Thanks! I appreciate how helpful you have been in answering all my questions so quickly and clearly.