Behavioral Leadership is a systematic approach to maximize discretionary effort and optimize business results through positive, science-based practices.

Develop leadership skills that drive business success. A leader’s effectiveness can be seen not by how far they rise in the ranks, but rather in the success of those around them. While finding outside resources to help build critical leader skills in your organization may not be difficult, be careful. Slick presentations and promises without substance will end in frustration. Leadership based on proven scientific principles that provide a clear path to earning and focusing discretionary effort on what matters most will always lead to success.

ADI’s proprietary behavioral leadership implementation process, known by some clients as Precision Leadership,® brings together an understanding of the science of behavior and how to apply the tools and methods from the science to the workplace to optimize performance. Typically, implementations begin with the Precision Leadership Survey to uncover opportunities for focus. The outputs from the survey are then used to help leaders and managers better understand and align their impact with their intentions. During a two-day working session, leaders learn how to objectively assess behaviors critical to their business, how to analyze the consequences that maintain desired and undesired behavior, and how to apply leadership skills to directly impact performance. A leadership coaching process is then provided to address both the outputs from the survey, and to support them in applying the science in their respective work environment.

If organizations want people to do something different, then leaders and managers must do something different. Behavioral Leadership is the catalyst for helping leaders build the critical skills needed to align impact with intentions and drive business success.