Bart Sevin, Ph.D.

Vice President

Specializing in performance and systems analysis and the development of behavior-based implementation strategies, Bart Sevin helps clients create long-term organizational change.  As a highly trained and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Bart helps organizations examine systems, processes, and people strategies to ensure that their motivational initiatives are aligned to promote business success and drive their desired outcomes. His most significant contribution to client improvements are in the coaching and consulting support he has provided. Bart works with clients from a variety of business sectors, including Manufacturing, Energy, Banking, Heavy Construction, Automotive Financial Services, and Insurance. Bart is also a dynamic instructor and facilitator, consistently receiving top marks for client delivered education sessions, as well as ADI seminars such as PM Basics, Precision Leadership, and Applications of Performance Management Technology.

Bart received his Ph.D. and M.S. in behavioral psychology from Auburn University. He has presented at national safety and other professional conferences, including Behavioral Safety Now and the annual meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.