The People Side of Change

An Interactive Working Session for Lean Implementers

This 2-day working session addresses what is typically overlooked in Lean implementations: the people side of change. By learning how to apply ADI’s tools and methodology, participants will build a behavioral approach into their Lean initiatives—an approach where key process behaviors and opportunities to build in the timely feedback and positive reinforcement required for sustained process improvement are identified and targeted.

Session Objectives

Participants who attend this interactive working session will be able to:

  • Pinpoint and shape the key behaviors required for process improvement and project sustainability
  • Isolate and relieve behavioral constraints that are suppressing desired process behaviors
  • Integrate a behavioral approach into the Kaizen process
  • Apply the ABC Model and PIC/NIC Analysis® to DMAIC
  • Use daily Gemba Walks to reinforce and sustain improvements
  • Reinforce progress based on leading metrics
  • Schedule Process Behavior Maintenance to ensure process integrity and sustain gains

This workshop is for organizations already implementing process improvement initiatives. Workshop participants should have a general understanding of process improvement and quality methods and tools. Process improvement methods and tools will not be taught but will be augmented by the application of behavioral principles and tools.