Coaching for Rapid Change

ADI’s Coaching for Rapid Change® focuses leaders on key behaviors that result in achieving a bigger impact in less time

The speed of business today requires an agile workforce that can quickly change to meet shifting demands. Leaders often have limited time to devote to managing and coaching others, so they need efficient tools to help them drive this change and achieve immediate business impact.  How do organizations ensure that even the busiest managers have the tools they need to efficiently support and manage positive improvement in direct reports that yields the best outcomes for the company, team and individual?

Based in behavioral science, Coaching for Rapid Change begins by identifying mission-critical behaviors and then conducting brief daily coaching interactions around those behaviors.  Positive accountability and refinement sessions are also part of the process and are designed to build coaching skills and business impact over time.   Whether focused on sales, customer service, quality or safety, this process provides the tools and builds the coaching skills required to be a successful leader.

To achieve and sustain business results, organizations must proactively manage change. By focusing on a few small changes in behavior that lead to the biggest difference in results, ADI’s Coaching for Rapid Change gives managers the tools and skills they need to bring about deliberate observable changes in their workforce and a systematic process for developing a positive coaching culture.

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