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I am working on implementation of Performanace Matrices. I'm struggling with establishing the correct "behaviors". In some cases the catagories I'm picking truly seem like behaviors. In other cases the catagories I'm coming up with seem more like roles are functions. For instance "profitability" and "process improvement" seem like behaviors while "staff mgmt and mentoring" and "budget preparation" seem more like functions. Can you help keep me on track as I work through this?

Thanks very much,

Aubrey's Answer:

Dear Vickie,

Profitability is a result and a process improvement score would also be a result.  These are ok to put on the matrix although with “process improvement” you might want to back it up with a checklist or milestones.

If you are dealing with skilled performers, e.g. people who know how to prepare a budget, how to manage profitability, you can list them on the matrix and set a criterion level to trigger a detailed performance improvement plan, for example, two months with no improvement.

In my book Performance Management, I have a chapter on when to focus on results and when to focus on behaviors.  You might find that helpful in completing your matrices.


Posted by Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D.

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