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The Sin of Wages

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The Sin of Wages

William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.
Soft Cover
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Looking for a way out of today’s current crisis – and one that pays for itself through strong performance? This compelling and innovative book is a must read for business professionals who are tired of the counterproductive environment fostered by the conventional wage and salary system. The current pay structure is guilty of undermining organizational success in countless companies. It has led to organizations with unmotivated and uninterested employees, poor strategic alignment, and ineffective management styles. In his thought-provoking book, Dr. Abernathy identifies the roots of this problem and offers a solution.

"Thank you for presenting an alternative pay system and for challenging the pay system status quo. I believe more and more companies will come to realize that both the employee and the company benefit by joining together to focus on company wide profitability objectives."
Terry David, Controller, Santin Engineering Inc.
"...There's gold on almost every page."
Jody Butts, Human Resources Director, Holt Incorporated
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