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View your organization from a different vantage point.

Organizations are so deeply entrenched in their daily business that they often do not see clearly the opportunities for improvement. Imagine the possibilities when you take a deeper look, particularly at the behavioral root causes of cultural and performance issues in your organization.

ADI offers a number of targeted site assessments to help organizations get at the core of what might be holding them back. Using a science-based, behavioral approach, ADI assessments uncover behavioral gaps in processes and practices that may be limiting or hurting your business and the performance of your people. Through the following in-depth assessments, ADI works with organizations to engage in critical activities that allow them to analyze and act on important aspects of their business:

Culture Assessments

An organization’s culture is shaped by the practices that are encouraged and discouraged over time, intentional or otherwise. ADI provides an in-depth analysis of the issues and practices affecting your culture. ADI’s behavioral assessment helps organizations uncover things like how business goals and objectives are aligned with the behaviors that are reinforced and/or punished in the workplace, and how leadership and the corporate culture encourage or constrain performance. 

Cutlure Assessments

Safety Assessments

Achieving safety excellence requires consistency in safety leadership practices and in the safe behavior of frontline employees. ADI safety assessments provide an evidence-based view of an organization’s safety performance by analyzing the impact of organizational tools, systems, and processes on safety, and by looking at how individual leadership and management behavior influences operational safety and performance.

Safety Assessments

Performance Systems Assessments

ADI performance systems assessments focus on the alignment and impact of formal and informal systems, processes, practices, and structures on performance. Through our behavioral approach, we help clients ensure that their performance systems are optimized and designed in such a way to deliver the intended impact. 

Performance Systems Assessments


Training Assessments

Organizations dedicate precious time and financial resources to training employees. Ensuring that your training resources are wisely invested in effective, efficient, and readily transferrable training should not be left to chance. ADI’s comprehensive, behavioral training assessments identify opportunities to optimize your training so that what’s learned during training is successfully applied in the workplace.

Training Assessments